Meet the Replogles

The Replogle Family
     We are Christopher and Grace Replogle. We have been married since March 10, 2010. God has blessed us with 5 precious little boys. We are a missionary evangelist family with C.O.M.E. International Baptist Missions. As a family, we fill that it is our calling to fulfill the Great Commission. We have a burden for America and this world and we actively seek to bring the lost to Christ, encourage and equip the saints, and revive the backslid Christian back to God.
As a family, we seek to live by Colossians 3:23-24,
“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.

Meet Christopher

    Not far from the border of Syria, along the Euphrates river in Iraq, I came upon a very large sign that spoke of Moses and the Israelite’s crossing the river near the area. I found it odd seeing that there was nothing else visible in any direction. It was in this odd spot, in the middle of nowhere, that the Lord began working on my heart.
    I was a machine gunner in the Marine Corp. I was tough, arrogant, and a rebel. Few could convince me to do anything outside of my way. The Marines only increased my ego and before long, I was snubbing my nose at my superiors. I found myself as a favorite for the weekend “hazing” fun of the NCOs, because of my attitude. This hazing only made me rebel even more. Some weekends, my superiors would warn me of what they had planned and so I began leaving base until Monday morning formation. These weekends away left me with plenty of time to find trouble.
   Despite my church upbringing and knowledge of the scriptures, I began drinking and partying with my new “friends” who thought I was a great American Hero. Small time drinking soon turned into full fledged drunkenness. After returning from my second tour to Iraq, I depended on alcohol to make it through the week. My dependence became so great, I would fill up my camel-bak with whiskey and water just to make it through the grueling marches.
    After facing a lot of trouble, the Marines decided to send me on my way (although I fought to go back to Iraq). I knew trouble awaited my release, yet I went back to drowning my troubles with alcohol. Now that I was out of the Marines, I no longer had any stop holds to keep my life in check. Within months, I began mixing drugs with my drunken stupor. I found myself happy while I used, and it would offset the alcohol, so I could party longer. Of course, when the high was gone, I was much worse then when I began.
    I became very depressed. So, I found drugs that made me happy. They controlled my life. I soon found myself selling drugs to pay for my habit. As I began selling, I met people that said I had what it took to make it big in the business. They set me up and I was pushing a key of cocaine a week.
    I took up gambling to kill time while going from city to city to make deals. Within a couple of years, I was spending thousands in poker and using drugs at a heart stopping rate to keep me alert. After a couple of bad deals, I was in trouble. I needed tens of thousands to pay my debt, but I squandered all my cash gambling. I decided to take it from others who had double crossed me. I gathered my gang and we went to their stash houses to robbed them. At one house, we kicked in the door and ran in. The guys at this house started pulling out guns. As everyone made it back to the car, I jumped in the drivers seat. I looked out the window and saw a gun, two feet from my face. Although the moment was only seconds long, I remembered these thoughts as I stared at the man behind the gun: “my grace is sufficient for thee” “come unto me all ye who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” “it is appointed unto men once to die and after this the judgement”.
    I hit rock bottom. I lost everything except my addictions and was soon sleeping under the stars. I began stealing and lying to get enough money to get high. I was homeless, helpless, and hopeless. All my friends were gone, except one.
    I was walking down the street in a drunken stupor one day when a friend of mine from the Marine Corp drove by. She stopped and told me “get in, enough is enough”. She drove me to her friend’s house and paid for the room. She then went through town filling out applications for me. She stopped at Chick-fil-A and spoke with the General Manager. She explained my situation to him and he offered me a job. It looked as though, my life was finally started to get on track.
    Soon after I started working at Chick-fil-A, I met Grace. She was my manager. I must have won her over with my delicious waffle fries, because we became inseparable friends. Little did I know, Grace would be the one that I would share my life with. 
Meet Grace
     I had the privilege of being born into a Christian family. Every time the church doors were open, I was in church. I also had the privilege of my grandfather being my pastor until the age of 10. Thus, I had the opportunity to realize and understand, at an early age, that I was a sinner and that God sent his only begotten Son to die on the cross and to raise from the grave so that I did not have to spend eternity in hell but could spend eternity in Heaven. In the spring of 1993, I prayed asking God to forgive me of my sins and to come live inside my heart forever. Shortly after getting saved, I was baptized at Central Baptist Church in Lexington, North Carolina.
     I continued with my childhood and teenage years in church. Every time there was a church service, I was there. I participated in Sunday school, children’s church, youth group, junior camp, teen camp, VBS, youth rallies, patch the pirate, and attended a Christian school, As I became a teenager, I kept the nursery, helped with children’s church, and was a helper for VBS. I knew, according to the Bible, what was expected of me as a Christian. I had strong morals and values for myself.
     In my late teenage years, I started working at Chick-fil-A, I gave it my all, which, in return, meant more hours, leaderships roles, promotions and in a short amount of time, I was one of the top managers. With more hours and more responsibilities, I found myself working Wednesday nights instead of going to church. Saturdays soon became a 12-hour shift day so when Sunday Morning came around, I was just too exhausted from the work week, to go to church. After high school, I did not even consider a Christian college, I wanted to keep working at my Chick-fil-A and so I decided to go to a secular college in the town I lived in. I worked full-time, went to school full-time, I was a busy girl!
     Unfortunately, Satan was using my “go-getter” personality to draw me farther and farther away from God. Yes, Chick-fil-A is a Christian establishment. Yes, it is one of the best first jobs for a young person. Yes, I still went to church, but was not consistent and was not involved in any aspect of my local church ministry.
     Chick-fil-A is a Christian establishment, however, not every person that works or visits Chick-fil-A is a Christian and not all that say they are a Christian are truly born- again. Slowly but surely, those that I was around for 40+ hours a week, my college “friends”, and college professors started impacting my life. I soon found myself doing things, going places, and saying things that I once stood so strongly against. I still had the Holy Spirit living inside of me and in the beginning, I would get convicted but I would just tell myself that “O this one “little” thing is okay”. The Holy Spirit never completely stop convicting me and it would be a conviction one day that would lead me back to Him.
     On Saturday, October 4, 2008, I met Chris for the first time. I had left my home Chick-fil-A for a few months to help another Chick-fil-A out, 4 hours away. I had just arrived back into town the day before meeting Chris. I knew about Chris from phone conversations with my colleagues however did not meet him until I arrived back to town.
     Shortly after meeting, Chris and I became good friends. Chris was living with a guy I went to high-school with, so I was comfortable spending time with Chris outside of work. We soon became inseparable and soon found ourselves in a dating relationship.
     19 days before my 21st birthday, I got the phone call that no child ever wants to receive. My dad had unexpectedly and suddenly passed away. I had just talked with my dad the night before about my upcoming birthday. This news broke my heart and it would take months to see the light from beneath the fog I was in.
     Over the next few months, my relationship with Chris grew stronger however, I grew farther and farther from God. My thoughts were on Chris and alcohol and that was about it. It would be 6 months after my dad passed away that God would began working on my heart.
     To get into town, I would pass the Christian school that I went to for grades 4th through 12th. I did not attend the church affiliated with the school growing up, but my family and I would attend special meetings and I, from time to time, participated in activities with their youth group. One Sunday in January, I drove past that school/church and there was a church service in progress. The Holy Spirit pricked my heart and said, “you need to be there”. The next time I passed the school and church there was not a service going on, but the same thing happened again, the Holy Spirit said, “you need to be there”. The third time I headed into town, I started to make a turn to go a different and longer route to town just so I did not have to pass by the school and church. It was at that point right before I turned that conviction hit hard. I realized I was deliberately trying to dodge the Holy Spirit. It was almost as if the “fog” I was living in had just vanished.
     I began going over my life and was just devastated at the life I was living. There was a bit of embarrassment knowing that I had 2 fathers in Heaven, one father was my biological father and the other was my Heavenly Father. I knew that both fathers loved me more than I could imagine, and I knew I was not living the life that either one would approve of. I immediately asked God to forgive me for the life I was living and asked Him to help me get back to where I should be.
     I started putting my life back in order but, I had 1 big issue…Chris! I stopped doing things and going places that Chris and I once did, and I began praying about what to do with my relationship with Chris. I had given Chris my heart and I wholeheartedly wanted Chris to be the one I spent my life with, but I was willing to end our relationship because I knew that I would not be able to continue that relationship with how Chris was spiritually and with his lifestyle. I was truly trying to get my life back in order and Chris started noticing. Thankfully, God started working on Chris’s heart and Chris started listening.

Christopher’s Salvation and Our Ministry Calling

    Through Grace’s influence and my mother’s relentless prayers, throughout the years, I finally came to the realization that I was sinner heading straight to hell if I was to die. I decided to call upon the name of the Lord. I asked Jesus to saved me and believed in my heart that he did! The change in my life began immediately.
    In the weeks following my salvation, I regularly attended a local church and was discipled by the Pastor. Grace and I were married, and I was baptized Easter Sunday 2010 at Fellowship Baptist Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. Over the next couple of weeks, I felt the call to preach and we began seeking God’s direction. I began preaching occasionally at our church, was actively involved with the church’s nursing home ministry, and continued getting mentored by my pastor. We soon decided our next step was to enroll in Bible College.
     I knew a Bible degree would be a useful tool in ministry, however, I struggled. The years of drug and alcohol abuse severely damaged my ability to remember. I would become agitated easily and the anxiety only made it harder to remember. I soon realized I was not going to succeed in college and had to withdrawal.
    Even though I knew God had called me to preach, I did not see how I would ever be able to fulfill that calling since I could not even make it through Bible College. I became very discouraged and started working, working, and working. I focused my attention on my work to take my mind off the discouragement of not being able to fulfill the Lord’s calling. However, an unlikely acquaintance persuaded me to drive nearly an hour to his church. We fell in love with the church family and begin serving in any capacity.
    I was recommended to a church in Florida as Associate Pastor and in October 2012, we accepted the position. Since 2012, I have had the opportunity to serve as an Associate Pastor in a couple of churches and we launched out into Evangelism. In 2014 we joined C.O.M.E International Baptist Ministry as Missionary Evangelism and I am currently C.O.M.E.’s Foreign Affiliates Coordinator. We do not take our calling lightly and we strive daily to fulfill the Great Commission, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen” Matthew 28:19-20.
Meet the Replogle Boys
Christopher Noah
*DOB: 02/11/2013
*Favorite Color: Blue
*5 years old
*The Big Brother
Isaac Franklin
*DOB: 07/14/2014
*Favorite Color: Green
*4 years old
*Isaiah’s Twin
Isaiah Alexander
*DOB: 07/14/2014
*Favorite Color: Red
*4 years old
*Isaac’s Twin
Zephaniah Roman
*DOB: 12/30/15
*Favorite Color: Blue
*2 years old
*Nickname: “Z”
Azariah Daniel
*DOB: 09/22/2017
*10 Months old
*Mommy is his favorite