Who is Evangelist Christopher Replogle?
Christopher Replogle is a Baptist Evangelist with C.O.M.E. International Baptist Missions. He actively seeks to bring the lost to Christ, encourage and equip the saints, and revive the backslid Christian back to God. Christopher is a Bible-preaching, soul-whining, KJV only preacher with relevant, up-to-date, Biblical messages. Christopher is also the Foreign Affiliates Coordinator for C.O.M.E. As Foreign Affiliates Coordinator, he communicates with, visits, monitors, and report upon the activities of C.O.M.E.’s foreign affiliates. 
Where Do You Travel?
Literally anywhere! If it is a further distance we just ask the church to be flexible in scheduling, but by God’s grace, if we can make it, we will be there!
How Much Do You Charge?
We travel on a love offering basis. We do not take a salary anywhere else, we live on the love offerings we receive. Some churches will choose to help with our expenses which we encourage, but we never require it to come. We just keep serving God and he just keeps meeting our needs. 
Do You Bring Your Family
My Family will not always be with me. With 5 boys ages 5 and under, there will be times they will just need to stay home. Our oldest son is Autistic and is currently receiving speech, occupational, and behavioral therapies that are vital for his current development. However, as God blesses, as our oldest graduates out of needing therapies, and as all of the boys get more “comfortable” with being “on the road,” my family will be with me at most, if not all, meetings. With that said, if a church would prefer my wife at the meeting, we will be willing to set up arrangements for our boys that need to stay home, if need be.
What About Housing Arrangements?
It would be much more conducive to have a hotel room then someone’s home. It is much easier to work with children in a private environment. If the church has a prophets chamber, that is fine as well. If Christopher is traveling alone, please do not put him in a Motel/Hotel by himself. He would prefer to stay in a prophet’s chamber or a home. If he is placed in a home, please ensure that it is not one that would jeopardize his testimony. He does not stay in homes where he is required to be alone in the house with a lady. If the husband has to work and the ladies will be in the house, please find another place. 
What About During the Meeting?
Christopher believes that the pastor should be in full control of the meeting. He will not come in and “take over”. He does not make demands of the Pastor or his people. He preached as he is directed by the Holy Spirit and he serves as he is directed by the Pastor. We are at your church to serve not to be served. He will gladly preach, teach, counsel, visit, soul-win and whatever else needs to be done. However, Christopher will need some time to study and time to spend with his family. 
If We Wanted to Schedule a Youth Rally, Revival, VBS Where Do We Start?
Simply shoot me an email at christopher@replogleministries.com, send a message from this webpage, or call me at (701)230-8639 and I can get any further questions answered. Emails and web messages come straight to my phone and will be answered promptly!