Why Support D.I.G.G. Ministry?

    As an Evangelist with C.O.M.E., we provide special meetings and short-term ministry works to small rural churches who might not otherwise be able to afford having such meetings. This is the primary focus for all the Evangelists and Affiliates of C.O.M.E.

    With that said, allow me to enlighten you with our works abroad. We work diligently with National Pastors to plant local churches and spread the gospel throughout the world. It is far more productive short term to use National Pastors who are properly trained to reach THEIR people then it would be to train a missionary and send them on deputation for four or five years. Perhaps even long term this is better as well… National Pastors have been highly fruitful and hundreds if not thousands have been saved in the last five years as a result. My role in this work encompasses several areas:

1. Training- teaching through social media and literature

2. Vetting- I dig into the lives of those who wish to work with us to ensure that “they are who they say they are”

3. Boots on the Ground- I hold special meetings such as Pastor training, Seminars, and Evangelistic Crusades as well as ensure that all funding has been properly used and reported to COME

4. Lastly is SUPPORT- All of this takes a great deal of finances but pales in comparison to the cost of training up a missionary. We need support to allow us to travel across America for Soul-Winning Blitz and special meetings as well as traveling around the world to further these works. I can ensure you that we travel at bottom dollar (ex. Cheap airfare, sleeping under the stars when possible, eating only what is necessary-nothing fancy) to ensure that all money is accountable to God. We have invested a lot of our own money over the last several years to help see dozens of churches planted. Several churches have come on board to help get supplies such as Astatula Baptist Church’s large contribution to get Bibles into Pakistan. Others have taken on support of our Affiliates and this is highly encouraged! In Myanmar, it costs only $240 to support a Bible College student for one full year and that includes food and housing. The Bible College Graduates then go and plant a church in their home community!

    All financial gifts to ourselves and/or Affiliates are properly recorded and receipted through our mission board COME(www.comemissions.org). Most importantly we need prayers and so do our affiliates. We work in very difficult areas and often very hostile environments, so we desire your heart given prayer. May we count on you?